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AC Repair

Lexington AC Repair From Expert Technicians

Get comfortable & stay that way with reliable air conditioning repair in the Athens of the West!

Sometimes, air conditioners rattle, roar, groan, or—worse still—won’t turn on at all. Home and business owners throughout Lexington don’t have time to waste on interpreting what their AC system is trying to say. Thankfully, after three decades of experience, the expert technicians at Engineered Heating & Air speak fluent air conditioner. We understand those pops, creaks, and wheezes for what they are, and can easily diagnose and repair air conditioning systems with just a call. 

From compressors to capacitors, breakers to evaporator coils, our technicians have the tools, parts, and expert customer service to fix your AC quickly the first time around. Don’t go on paying higher energy bills to power a malfunctioning AC system. Stop worrying about work stoppages or the rising thermometer. With prompt AC repair service throughout Fayette County, we can get you back to life and business as you know and love it. So call Engineered Heating & Air at (859) 818-9220 and start breathing easy!

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Need regular or emergency AC repair? Call now!

Get the expert AC repair service you need from Lexington’s leading provider! We speak fluent air conditioner so you don’t have to.

Protect Your New AC System with our HVAC Protection Plan

With an average lifespan of 15-20 years, your new AC system will require plenty of regular maintenance. Getting the most out of your investment means scheduling tune-ups frequently, but who has time for that? Thankfully, with our HVAC Protection Plan, members receive priority scheduling while avoiding costly system failures. For just $199 for a single system and $100 more for each additional system, you’ll get two tune-ups per year. On each visit, we’ll clean, inspect, replace filters, and calibrate your thermostat—all so your AC system goes the distance. Maximize your investment and keep energy bills low! Learn more and sign up today!

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Why Choose Engineered Heating & Air?

Impeccable Service

We always offer value-added, cost-effective HVAC solutions.

Commercial & Residential

Serving everyone—from industrial buildings to single-family bungalows.

Expert Versatility

We go beyond HVAC with indoor air quality & geothermal services.

No-Nonsense Service

As licensed engineers, we deliver solutions, not sales pitches.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We’ll stick around until you’re comfortable & happy—whatever it takes.

Breathe Easier

We boost indoor air quality & comfort for your family & employees.

Hear from Happy, Comfy Customers

Contact Us Today for Expert Lexington AC Repair!

With our no-nonsense service, you won’t have to worry about how much AC repair costs. You’ll only pay what you’re quoted for residential and commercial AC repair throughout Fayette County. Contact Engineered Heating & Air today and stay cool!

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