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Geothermal Systems

21st-Century Geothermal Heating & Cooling Systems in Lexington, KY

Trust the experts in harnessing energy from the Earth itself.

In Lexington homes and businesses, kilowatts of energy are steadily converted into dollars and cents. Keeping cool is a matter of watts per hour, adding up and up to a sizable bill. Meanwhile, your heating system requires a steady stream of combustible gases that cost more and more by the day. But what if you had alternatives to the power and natural gas companies? What if you could harness the energy stored in the soil beneath your structure instead? What sounds like science fiction is actually science fact. Geothermal heating and cooling systems exist today, offering homes and businesses a 21st-century way to get and stay comfortable sustainably.

At Engineered Heating & Air, we’re all about doing whatever it takes to keep Kentucky prosperous. That means offering more affordable, more sustainable, and more reliable solutions for heating and cooling. Geothermal energy is a completely viable and achievable alternative to burning fossil fuels. Now, with a substantial federal tax credit and drastic annual savings, geothermal energy is becoming more popular than ever. To learn more about a geothermal system, call us today at (859) 818-9220 or contact us online!

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Rethink Your Heating & Cooling Needs with a Geothermal System

Why spend more money and effort creating the power you need when it already exists in the ground beneath your feet? Call us today to learn more!

A Geothermal System Pays for Itself

By switching to a geothermal system today, homeowners and business owners in Lexington and throughout Kentucky can start saving big time. In 2023, the federal government raised its geothermal tax credit to 30% for both residential and commercial owners. Additionally, geothermal systems can reduce annual energy costs by upwards of 70%. With external components lasting up to 50 years, and internal components lasting up to 25, geothermal systems deliver massive short-and long-term savings. For reliable, sustainable, and increasingly affordable heating and cooling, consider a geothermal system from Engineered Heating & Air today!

Exceptional & sustainable comfort at home or work.

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Discover a Newer, Better Heating & Cooling System

Homeowners and business owners throughout Kentucky may be used to their furnaces and AC compressors, but a newer and much more affordable way exists to heat and cool your building. Discover what a geothermal system can do for you today. Contact us!

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