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Nicholasville, KY

HVAC Services & Indoor Air Quality Services in Nicholasville, KY

Serving Kentucky homes & businesses for 30 years!

From charming creeks to man-made lakes, wine festivals to sites of historical importance, Nicholasville has a lot to offer. But regardless of how close you are to Lexington, finding a trustworthy and experienced HVAC company in Nicholasville can be hard. At Engineered Heating & Air, we’re engineers first—not salespeople. Instead of sales pitches, we deliver value-added, cost-effective HVAC solutions that keep your family or employees safe and comfortable.

For AC repair in the height of summer, furnace installation on the coldest nights, or just a brand new air purification system to protect those with allergies or asthma, Engineered Heating & Air is here to help Nicholasville. We even make regular HVAC maintenance easier than ever with our industry-leading Protection Plans. For one small fee each year, you’ll get regular tune-ups, cleanups, filter replacements, and a general inspection to prevent emergencies down the road. Call us for service in Nicholasville today at (859) 818-9220 or contact us online!

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Nicholasville HVAC Services & Indoor Air Quality Services

Nicholasville is a lovely place to live and work! But without expert air conditioning repair or heating installation services, you could be in for a long, uncomfortable season. Get ahead of your yearly maintenance by calling Engineered Heating & Air today at (859) 818-9220!

Nicholasville Air Conditioning Repair, Installation, & Replacement

As a leading AC company in Nicholasville, we do it all—AC installation, AC maintenance, & everything in between.

Nicholasville Heating Repair, Installation, & Replacement

Furnace repair & furnace installation are easy jobs for our expert HVAC technicians! Trust our no-nonsense pricing & service.

Nicholasville Commercial HVAC Services

We’re proud to partner with multi-family properties, hotels, retail storefronts, government buildings, hospitals, & more in Nicholasville!

Nicholasville Indoor Air Quality Services

Don’t breathe recirculated skin, hair, & pet dander. Find a humidifier, dehumidifier, dryer vent cleaning service, or air purification system.

Nicholasville Geothermal Services

Save money, go green, & stay comfortable with geothermal heating & cooling installation, conversions, or repairs!

Nicholasville HVAC Protection Plan

Take air conditioning maintenance & heating maintenance off your to-do list and put it on ours instead. Let us keep you cozy.

Hear from Happy, Comfy Customers

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From heat pump installation to geothermal systems, Engineered Heating & Air is happy to pair your property with a leading-edge HVAC solution. For anything from furnace repair to whole home humidifiers, trust the HVAC company in Nicholasville with three decades of proven experience.

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